IoT, Internet og Things
Diciembre 10, 2017

It is common to hear – indeed, clients and executives of companies of all sizes often tell me – that IoT -based solutions are out of reach to the majority because of the high costs they involve. 

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For many companies and businesses, the road toward implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions has been tortuous and, in most cases, unsuccessful.One of the main reasons why businesses don’t get the results they want when they implement this type of technology is their insistence on trying to measure and control all of the data they generate with IoT. This results in a...
Identidad IoT, IoT
Myth #1 IoT isn’t secureThe rapid proliferation and adoption of devices connected to IoT has led to generalized concern among companies and individuals about the potential for security breaches. A lot has been written about the risk of security problems with IoT. Platform developers, manufacturers and providers have been blamed for lacking the security measures, design...
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Las pequeñas y medianas empresas son generadoras clave de empleo, una parte vital en el desarrollo de cualquier país, pero muchas veces por su tamaño deben pelear una dura batalla para sobrevivir. En Colombia, por ejemplo, hay cerca de 1,6 millones de unidades empresariales que aportan el 38% del Producto Interno Bruto (PIB), generan 7 de cada 10 empleos en el país y participan...